BiowavePENS delivers therapeutic electrical signals through skin directly to pain nerves to:

  • block the pain signal
  • increase range of motion
  • reduce stiffness and muscle spasm.

BiowavePENS delivers high frequency electrical signals into deep tissue which encompass pain nerves, blocking transmission of pain signals to the brain.

INSTANT PAIN RELIEF Many patients report a 75% reduction in pain and ­find their pain relief improves even further following treatment.

DEEP, SMOOTH SENSATION BiowavePENS treatments range in sensation from tingling to a deep, smooth muscle massage.

OPIOID REDUCTION Clinical studies and doctor’s report that use of BiowavePENS allows patients to reduce consumptions of opioids and other pain medications by up to 50%.

LONG LASTING PAIN RELIEF Patients who respond experience pain relief and improved function for up to 72 hours following the treatment.

PATHWAY TO PAIN RELIEF, as easy as 1, 2, 3..


Biowave is used by over 70 professional sports teams and over 120 major college athletic programs. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Biowave in Sports and Athletic Training


BiowavePENS can be used to relieve chronic, acute or post-operative pain in the lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine.

If you feel less pain and have a positive response to the first treatment, your doctor may recommend that you return for 5 or more additional treatments. There may be a cumulative benefit with multiple treatments.

There are no limits to your activity after receiving a BiowavesPENS treatment. However, with less pain, patients should be careful not to perform strenuous activities that might have caused the pain in the first place.

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