Conditions Treated:

SYMPTOMS: headache, backache, neck ache, weakness in legs and arms, sciatica, imbalance, urinary incontinence, gait imbalance, blurry vision, wrist pain and hand numbness

BRAIN: tumors, cancer, pituitary tumors, hydrocephalus, normal pressure hydrocephalus, traumatic brain injury, headaches, chiari 1 malformation, paralysis, chronic pain

SPINE: stenosis, herniated disc, back or neck instability, traumatic injury to spine, compression fractures, cord compression, chronic pain after back surgery

OTHER: carpal tunnel syndrome, adults with congenital pediatric conditions

BRAIN: brain craniotomy for tumor removal, Transphenoidal approach for pituitary tumor resection, brain craniotomy for hematoma resection and trauma

CERVICAL: acdf, posterior fusion, laminectomy

LUMBAR: laminectomies, discectomy, minimally invasive fusion

PAIN SYNDROME/CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME: morphine pump, spinal cord stimulator, carpal tunnel endoscopic decompression, carpal tunnel open decompression

Dr. Malini Narayanan
Dr. Malini Narayanan
Dr. Malini Narayanan is your board certified, Harvard-trained neurosurgeon. She has over 9 years of experience and treats a wide array of spine and brain conditions including tumors, hemorrhages, neck and back pain and much more. For more information on Dr. Narayanan and her practice please visit her website:

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